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On sale September 15, 2015

Independent, strong-willed Tess Lombardi has dedicated her life to fighting for justice.  As a deputy district attorney, threats are merely part of the job. This time, with several high profile cases on the line, she reluctantly agrees to protection. Only to discover that Nate Breslin comes with his own risks. How can she trust a bodyguard who’s stalked her? And lies for a living? 


Former Marine sniper Nate Breslin has managed, at least most days, to leave danger and death in his past. Nate has his own reasons for tracking Tess down, but when her life is threatened, this mission becomes personal and he’s willing to risk anything to keep her safe. 


As the danger escalates and her would-be killer closes in, Tess must learn to trust Nate. With her life. And her heart.

  Sunset Point

On sale August 11, 2015


Beyond the Sea. (A never-before-published novel originally planned to be titled A Sea Change.) Finally, the story readers have been waiting for! When Sedona Sullivan's perfectly planned life in Shelter Bay is turned upside down, she escapes to Castlelough, where Irish musician Conn (one of the sexy Brennan brothers) rocks her world.  


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October 20, 2015 

Sun Kissed, the first in the tropical Orchid Island series.

Cover coming soon
February, 2016

The still untitled novel, where Sawyer, the youngest of the Murphy brothers
returns home to River's Bend.
  Cover coming soon