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Tangled Hearts

A poignant and powerful love story about a woman torn between two lovers: the husband she believed was dead and the fiancé she's about to marry.

Alanna Cantrell's world was shattered when Mitch Cantrell, her dashing foreign correspondent husband, was kidnapped before her eyes. After his death, she slowly, painfully began rebuilding her life.

She's about to be married to Jonas Harte, the ruggedly handsome, supportive contractor who restored her Victorian home, when she receives an out-of-the-blue call from Mitch, who's very much alive. Memories of Alanna sustained him through years of captivity. Now he wants his life — and his beautiful, beloved bride — back.

 It wasn't easy getting past Alanna's formidable defenses and encouraging her to love again.  As sympathetic as Jonas is to his rival's situation, he's determined to prove that he's the right man for the strong, independent woman Alanna has become.

Revised, updated 2nd edition of Tangled Hearts, original publication date February, 1991

Tangled Hearts

Coming September, 2014
Briarwood Cottage: Return to Castlelough, Ireland for the start of a new series set in Shelter Bay's sister city, home to the award winning Irish trilogy – A Woman's Heart, Fair Haven, and Legends Lake.

When burned-out war journalist Duncan McCaragh is assigned to cover a "sighting" of The Lady — Ireland's sea creature version of Scotland's Nessie — he decides to use his forced time in Castlelough to come up with a plan to win back his estranged wife.

What he has no way of knowing is that photojournalist Cassandra Carpenter is also on her way to Castlelough with the divorce papers Duncan's been refusing to sign. Can the magic of the Emerald Isle and The Lady reunite these two wounded hearts?
  Briarwood Cottage

Coming November 11, 2014

It's back to Shelter Bay with You Again, a holiday novella that will be published in Home for Christmas, in print and ebook in a Duet set with Iraq veteran and fabulous writer, Jessica Scott! Ebooks are available for preorder at Kindle, iBooks, and Kobo.

Coming early 2015 

A Sea Change: Finally, the story readers have been waiting for! When Sedona Sullivan's perfectly planned life in Shelter Bay is turned upside down, she escapes to Castlelough, where Irish musician Conn (one of the sexy Brennan brothers) rocks her world.

More details to come! Meanwhile, to be the first to see the covers and catch up on all the news of these and other upcoming books, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter.