Friday Photo

This week’s Friday Photo is of my sweetie when he was a little boy.  The black and white doesn’t show how blue his eyes were. I’ve no idea why he was so serious, and, of course, he doesn’t remember. He was still the cutest boy I’d ever seen when I met him the summer I turned fifteen.


Happy Friday!

I used to love to go sledding when I was growing up! There was a high hill in our Cascade Mt town where everyone would go. The only problem was that going down went really fast, but then you’d have to struggle through the snow and pull your sled back up to the top again. I had a collie who loved to ride down with me.

Funny story, she came with the house my parents bought when they got married when I was five. The previous owner said if they wanted to buy the house, they had to take the dog. Which I thought was THE BEST IDEA EVER! Especially since I’d had a collie I had to leave behind in Santa Monica when my mom and I moved from the beach to Oregon. Both were named — wait for it — Lassie, lol.

Wednesday Words

Wednesday Words: Home to Honeymoon Harbor, the prequel novella to my upcoming Honeymoon Harbor series, is available for preorder! It’ll be out in ebook April 1st. Then, on May 22, it’ll be included in the back of Herons Landing’s mass market paperback for those who prefer print and don’t mind waiting for it. This is NOT the cover art. It’s a photo of the ferry they take back home to Honeymoon Harbor.

This is the parents’ romance, set in the 1980s. I LOVED writing it and hope you’ll love John and Sarah as much as I do. NO series prequel cliffhangers, just a well deserved happily ever after.

Click to pre-order.