Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: our dear rescued Shadow, who we lost after 16 yrs together this past March, during an East Tennessee snowfall.


Wednesday Words

Home to Honeymoon Harbor, the prequel novella to my upcoming Honeymoon Harbor series is now available for preorder! It’ll be out in ebook April 1. Then, on May 22, it’ll be included in the back of Herons Landing’s mass market paperback for those who prefer print and don’t mind waiting for it. This is NOT the cover art. It’s just a photo of the ferry they took back home to Honeymoon Harbor.

This is the parents’ romance, set in the 1980s. I LOVED writing it and hope you’ll love John and Sarah as much as I do. Two characters, twenty-four hours, no series prequel cliffhangers, just a well deserved happily ever after.

The rivalry between the Mannion and Harper families has divided them for over a century. Which is why, when John Mannion and Sarah Harper fall in love, they become the small seaport town’s very own Romeo and Juliet. But in Honeymoon Harbor, nothing—not even an infamous family feud—is a match for love.




I don’t understand why I can’t get the link to copy, but it’s there!

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Happy Monday!

When you get home from your first day of school (where you were the class star!) and really need a nap.