Friday Photo

Friday photo: Driving home from the nail salon in the pea soup PNW fog we had here all day yesterday. And yes, I did make sure to stop on our road to take this picture.

Wednesday Words

I had a fun day yesterday talking with my HQN editor about the 2nd novella & next Christmas’ Honeymoon Harbor book! Meanwhile, Herons Landing, on sale May 22nd, is available for pre-order now! Click here for links:   


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Here‘s our sweet Angel, settled into her furever home! Good thing we had the couch originally built to make room for Jessie, Shadow, & Toby (and less importantly us, lol) because she’s much larger than we’d expected. (Sending pre-ordered beds back to Grandinroad,) We’re all very happy together and it turns out she even knows obedience hand signs. And doesn’t bark at FedEx or UPS doorbell ringing. Yay!