Book Connections

I’ve always enjoyed writing connected characters and stories.  The characters in each series are, of course, connected, but I do cross series from time to time. Here are some of the crossovers. 

Far Harbor is the sequel to Homeplace, and other O’Halloran cousins appear in Fair Haven (Erin) and Blaze (Gage).

Unofficially, Caine O’Halloran, from The Return of Caine O’Halloran, is also a cousin, but since Pocket Books wanted me to change the name of the town from Tribulation to Coldwater Cove when I moved there from a previous publisher, Caine doesn’t appear in the Coldwater Cove stories. 

Brendan O’Neill, from the pub in A Woman’s Heart, Fair Haven, and Legends Lake, also appears in Blaze and Crossfire (the second of my High Risk military romantic suspense books), then finally gets his own happily-ever-after in ShatteredHigh Risk #3. 

Mary Joyce was a tempestuous Goth teenager when she first appeared in A Woman’s Heart.  She went on to become a screenwriter/movie star and fell in love with J.T. Douchett, when she visited Shelter Bay for a film festival in Moonshell BeachShelter Bay #4.  She also appears briefly in Beyond the Sea, Shelter Bay #9/Castlelough #5 (the story takes place in both towns, which are officially “sister cities”), when Irish rock star Conn Brennan is scoring one of her films.  

Rory Joyce, the boy who opened A Woman’s Heart, appears as a young man having just graduated University in Briarwood Cottage, Castlelough #4. 

In River’s Bend, the first of my Murphy Brothers series, Cooper Murphy and Rachel Hathaway visit Shelter Bay and Chef Maddy, who first appeared in On Lavender Lane

Donovan Quinn, in Sun Kissed, the first of my Orchid Island series, first appears in Sunset Point, Shelter Bay #10, and Lani Breslin, the woman Donovan falls in love with, is the sister of Nate Breslin, from Sunset Point. 

If  I’ve left any out and you have any questions, please email me so I can respond to you personally and also get that missed connection up on this page.