Printable Book List

Note: While many of the older books have gone out of print, several have been reissued, and most are available online (Amazon, B&N, BAM, and the Apple iTunes store) as e-books.  Links can be found on the books’ pages and since this page is definitely a work in progress, more are being added.  I’ve also listed the various series and connected books. If you have a specific question regarding a title, please email me from the contact link on the website.  

ALSO: For all of you still looking for these two books: Freefall had a last minute title change to No Safe Place and Firefly Falls was published as Out of the Mist. 

Castlelough Irish Series

Book 1: A Woman’s Heart (reissue 9/2012; originally published 1998)
Book 2: Fair Haven (reissue 7/2013)
Book 3: Legends Lake (published 9/2013)
Book 4: Briarwood Cottage (published 9/2014)
Book 5: Beyond the Sea (published 8/2015 – crossover with Shelter Bay)

River’s Bend Series, formerly Murphy Brothers Trilogy

Book 1: River’s Bend (published 3/2014) 
Book 2: Long Road Home (published 7/26/2016)


Shelter Bay Series

Book 1: The Homecoming (published 7/2010)
Book 2: One Summer (published 7/2011)
Book 3: On Lavender Lane (published 1/2012)
Book 4: Moonshell Beach (published 6/2012)
Book 5: Sea Glass Winter (published 12/2012)
Book 6: Castaway Cove (published 8/2013)
Book 7: “Christmas in Shelter Bay” in Christmas On Main Street anthology (published 11/2013)
Book 8: You Again (novella, published: 11/2014)
Book 9: Beyond the Sea (published 8/2015)
Book 10: Sunset Point (published 10/2015)

Contemporary Romance – Standalone Books

Private Pleasures (published 7/1993)
Legacy of Lies (published 7/2001)
“Dear Santa…” in Silver Bells anthology (published 11/2008)
No Regrets (published 10/2012)
Southern Comforts (published 12/2012)
The Return of Caine O’Halloran (published 4/2013)
Tangled Hearts (published 1/2014)

High Risk Series

Book 1: Freefall (2/2008)
Book 2: Crossfire (9/2008)
Book 3: Shattered (1/2009)
Book 4: Breakpoint (7/2009)

Callahan Brothers Series

Book 1: Blue Bayou (published 4/2002)
Book 2: River Road (published 9/2002)
Book 3: Magnolia Moon (published 3/2003)
The Callahan Brothers: Books 1-4 (published 5/2004)

Coldwater Cove Series

Book 1: Homeplace (reissue 4/2008; published 1/2000)
Book 2: Far Harbor (reissue 3/2013; published 1/2000)
Coldwater Cove: Books 1-2 (published 11/2005)

Stewart Sisters Trilogy

Book 1: Out of the Mist (published 10/2003)
Book 2: Out of the Blue (published 4/2004)
Book 3: Out of the Storm (published 11/2004)

Romantic Suspense – Standalone Books

Secret Sins (published 4/1991)
Blaze (published 7/2005)
Impulse (published 5/2006)
No Safe Place (published 2/2007)

Bad Boy Novellas

Book 1: Cajun Heat (published 12/2005)
Book 2: Love Potion #9 (published 7/2006; in Bad Boys Southern Style)
Leaving Blue Bayou Anthology (published 10/2012)

Men of Whiskey River – Romance

Book 1: Confessions (reissued 11/2012; originally published 1/1996)
Book 2: The Outlaw (published 4/1996)
Book 3: Untamed (published 10/1996)
Book 4: Wanted! (published 11/1996)
Book 5: Ambushed (published 12/1996)

Knights of New Orleans Trilogy

Book 1: Roark — The Adventurer (published 5/1997)
Book 2: Shayne — The Pretender (published 9/1997)
Book 3: Michael — The Defender (published 9/1997)

Private Passions (published 11/1995)
While not technically a Knights of New Orleans, this is the book where Michael, The Defender, first appears.

Bachelor Arms Trilogy

Book 1: Never A Bride (published 5/1995)
Book 2: For Richer, For Poorer (published 6/1995)
Book 3: Three Grooms and A Wedding (published 7/1995)


Book 1: Tangled Hearts (published 2/1991)
Book 2: Tangled Lives (published 5/1991)

Montacroix Royal Family

Book 1: Guarded Moments (published 4/1990)
Book 2: The Prince and The Showgirl (published 7/1993)
Book 3: The Outlaw (published )

Angel of Desire (published 2/1994) – While not technically a royal family book, characters do show up in this one

Castle Mountain – Paranormal Time Travel

Book 1: Starcrossed Lovers (published 2/1993)
Book 2: Moonstruck Lovers (published 3/1993)

Lucky Penny Trilogy

Book 1: Magic in the Night (published 10/1986)
Book 2: Playing for Keeps (published 1/1987)
Book 3: Tempting Fate (published 5/1987)

A Story Within A Story

Book 1: Duskfire (published 10/1985)
Book 2: Risky Pleasure (published 10/1985) – This is the novel the hero and heroine writers are collaborating on in Duskfire)

Stand Alone Category Books

Stormy Courtship (published 1/1985)
Love Thy Neighbor (published 7/1985)
Stormy Courtship (reissued 8/1995; originally published 1985)
Without Precedent (published 2/1986)
A Hero at Heart (published 7/1986)
Hot on the Trail (published 9/1987)
In a Class by Himself (published 5/1988)
Wilde ‘n Wonderful (published 7/1988)
Eve’s Choice (published 10/1988)
Dark Desires (published 2/1992)
A Very Special Delivery (published 2/1992)
The Knight in Shining Armor (published 9/1992)
Lovestorm (published 11/1993)
The Return of Caine O’Halloran (published 4/1994)
Scandals (published 7/1994)
The Bodyguard (reissued 10/1995; originally titled Guarded Moments)
It Happened One Week (reissued 3/1996)
I Do, I Do… For Now (published 8/1996)
Without Precedent (reissued 8/1996; originally titled Windfall)
Bait and Switch (reissued 10/1996)
Champagne and Moonlight (published 12/1996 in New Year’s Resolution: Baby anthology)
Hunk of the Month (published 4/1998)
1-800-HERO (published 7/1998) – Launch book for Harlequin’s 50th birthday celebration
Midnight Kisses (published 10/1998)
Mackenzie’s Woman (published 2/1999) – Launch book for Harlequin’s 50th birthday celebration)
A Very Special Delivery (published 1/2000 in Valentine’s Day anthology)
Thirty Nights (published 9/2001) – Though it’s set in Castle Mountain, so characters from Starstruck Lovers and Moonstruck Lovers do appear.
The Return of Caine O’Halloran (published 4/2013)

JoAnn Ross writing as JoAnn Robb

Stardust and Diamonds (published 10/1983)
Dreamlover (published 2/1984)
Sterling Deceptions (published 4/1984)
A Secure Arrangement (published 6/1984)
Tender Betrayal (published 9/1984 – sequel to Dreamlover)
Touch the Sun (published 12/1984)
Wolfe’s Prey (published 1/1985)
A Dangerous Passion (published 8/1985)
Promises to Keep (published 10/1985)
High Stakes Affair (published 6/1986)

JoAnn Ross writing as JoAnn Robbins

A Winning Season (published 10/1983)