Book 3: High Risk Series

Shattered (High Risk Series) by JoAnn Ross

As an Army Night Stalker pilot, Shane Garrett never knew what country he’d wake up in, let alone if his onetime lover — Army doctor Kirby Campbell — was still alive.  They lost touch after their red-hot affair in Baghdad’s sweltering heat.  But war has a way of giving people  déjà vu…

A year and a half later, sporting a new prosthetic leg, Shane is trying to rebuild his life in South Carolina.  Also stateside is Kirby, but when she learns a friend is being held hostage in Central America, she and the Phoenix Team, along with Zach Tremayne and Quinn McKade, waste no time organizing a mission — and Shane isn’t about to let them leave him behind. . . or let Kirby get away.

But when Kirby and Shane stare danger in the face, they come to know each other the way no civilian could ever understand.  And they wonder:  Can they fight for their country, for their lives — and for love?