Cover Reveal!

Cover reveal! Herons Landing, the first book in my new HQN series set on the Washington Peninsula, will be out May 22. A prequel e-novella, Home to Honeymoon Harbor, will be out in April, but for those of you who prefer print, the novella will be included as a bonus in the May paperback.

The rivalry between Honeymoon Harbors’ Mannion and Harper families has divided them for over a century. But in Honeymoon Harbor, nothing—not even an infamous family feud—is a match for love...

Opening excerpt from first page:

Seth Harper was spending a Sunday spring afternoon detailing his wife’s Rallye Red Honda Civic when he learned that she’d been killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

Despite the Pacific Northwest’s reputation for unrelenting rain, the sun was shining so brightly that the Army notification officers—a man and a woman in dark blue uniforms and black shoes spit-shined to a mirror gloss—had been wearing shades. Or maybe, Seth considered, as they’d approached the driveway in what appeared to be slow motion, they would’ve worn them anyway. Like armor, providing emotional distance from the poor bastard whose life they were about to blow to smithereens.

Despite the sad opening, after the first 4-5 pages, it jumps ahead 2 yrs and becomes a reunion romance with a happy ever after ending! And Doris & Dottie, who lost their Shelter Bay lease, have opened up a new Dancing Deer dress shop in Honeymoon Harbor. Some characters are too much fun to leave behind! 😄

Preorder now at the following links:
Amazon Kindle
Amazon print
It’s also available in the iBooks store, but I can’t get the link to work yet. You can order by searching from the books page.

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