Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all those working today and every day to keep our country running! My dad was a union electrical contractor who also had an Oregon small town appliance/TV/ store to keep the electricians working in the winter when it was too snowy for construction. I grew up on building sites with guys who were all like uncles to me, and taught me the trades and how to read blueprints, which allowed me to work as a construction coordinator and field supervisor for both residential commercial construction in my 20s and early 30s. It’s also why I tend to write a lot of builders, including Seth Harper in the Honeymoon Harbor book I’m writing now. And, why I love writing guys.  It’s also probably why I build or remodel houses like other women knit. It’s my hobby, lol.

Writing small town books can be a challenge, because you’re not going to have a lot of billionaires (or vampires, except for Forks, WA) living there, so my characters tend to have regular, but still vital jobs because I’m writing about people I grew up with and know well. What do you do? (Or did do, if you’re retired?)

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