Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day and a huge THANK YOU who all who’ve served to keep our country safe. Especially fellow writer and friend Jessica Scott and Marine Cpl. Jimmy Floren—classmate, neighbor, friend. A true hero, Jimmy was cited for “extraordinary heroism,” posthumously receiving the Navy Cross and Purple Heart after sacrificing his life for his fellow Marines and country during the Vietnam War.” He was nineteen. Also huge appreciation to families who also serve!

Hubs was in the ice cream store to get a milkshake yesterday. He saw a military family—dad, mom, 4 little kids—buying cones & paid for them all. He thanked them for their service and when wife told him that her husband was the one who served, he told her that she did, too, by keeping things going at home. Like when car needed a new transmission, or whatever, she had to deal with it. She thanked him and gave him a big smile & a hug. I wish I’d been there, but it’s still making me smile.

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