Press Kit

Fast Facts
  • Having worked in journalism and advertising before turning to fiction, New York Times best-selling author JoAnn Ross has written ninety-eight novels.  So far.
  • Currently writing for NAL Signet, her books have been published in 28 languages; a few of those foreign covers can be found on her diversions page. One romance novel cover in the mid-80s, for some inexplicable reason known only to the Japanese publisher’s art director, featured nothing but trucks.  
  • JoAnn has had two novels excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine, which, she occasionally reminds her husband, makes her an official Cosmo Girl.
  • Her first job, at age three, was skating in a roller skating follies in which her mother was a chorus line skater (sort of a Rockette on Wheels).
  • Born in Santa Monica, she grew up in Oregon’s ranching country, moved to the Arizona desert as a teenage bride (where she cried the entire first year because she was so homesick for the color green!) and is now blissfully settled in the rolling and oh-so-emerald foothills of Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains with her two little rescued mix-breed dogs and her high school sweetheart husband, whom she married twice.

For Booksellers & Reviewers

A huge thanks to all the wonderful individuals who’ve done such a grand job selling my books over the years, allowing me to share my stories with readers around the world. You truly are much appreciated!

To receive promotional bookmarks and autographed bookplates (subject to availability) please e-mail the name of your bookstore, your USPS mailing address, along with the number you’d like to receive, to

Although NAL rarely consults with me on where to send ARCs, I did find the following instructions for those wanting review  copies of upcoming NAL Signet books on the Penguin Books website:

To expedite requests for review copies, include the book’s title, author, and publication month, and the name of the publication or station for which you are working. You may include additional book information, such as the imprint and ISBN, as well as links to or copies of your work and/or information about what types of books you cover, so that we may refresh our database. Your request will be reviewed in a timely manner; please keep in mind that we cannot fulfill all requests, particularly for older titles. Please note: We do not send review copies to individual consumers. 

Requests for NAL Signet books should be sent to