Quote of the Day: A Woman's Heart & Steamed Clams

Today’s quote is from A Woman’s Heart, the first in my Irish Castlelough series. Rory and the Lady also appear in Briarwood Cottage, a Castlelough novella.

And thanks to a year-round Farmer’s Market and fabulous fish mongers, tonight’s dinner is locally harvest clams steamed in butter and amber ale with grilled sourdough bread. The recipe can be found in the back of Sea Glass Winter, but when the book was printed, unfortunately someone took out the # sign, so the recipe reads 1-2 clams. It should be 1-2 pounds of clams! 

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Janelle Bradley

I am reading the first book in Shelter Bay and really enjoying it but want to knownifnthere was a book with Cait Mckade and Quinn. I can’t seem to find it on your website. Thanks!