Throwback Thursday in Memoriam

Throwback Thursday In Memoriam: Our dear boys. After many years of being blessed with their unconditional love, we lost Shadow in March, Toby in July. The top photo is the day Toby, who’s having a bad hair day, came to live with us to be a brother to rescued Shadow. Bottom left is Shadow, chasing seagulls on the beach, which he loved to do from puppyhood to his last year. People would stop to watch sand flying out of the hole–deeper than he was tall–that he’d dig to find tiny crabs.

Bottom right is Toby, who never looked at us with anything but love in his eyes. In fact, one time while I was holding him for his exam, the vet said that his heart literally skipped a beat when he looked up at me for reassurance. And although I’m tearing up as I write this, our boys will forever live in our hearts.

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