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This is the second in my backlist Callahan Brothers trilogy. It wasn’t the story I’d originally sold to Pocket, which was a tear-jerker, but an entirely different one I wrote to try to cheer myself up after 9/11. So, it has a special meaning to me. Here’s the back cover copy and link to an excerpt and buy buttons:

Forced together by chance, they never dreamed they’d be bound by passion.

JoAnn Ross, one of the most passionate voices in contemporary romantic fiction, returns to the moss-draped splendor of Blue Bayou in a powerful novel of love and suspense, filled with characters you will never forget.

Julia Summers is in Blue Bayou, Louisiana, wrapping up her role on the sizzling soap opera River Road before jetting off to play the part of her dreams. But when she receives an all-too-real threat, her director saddles her with a no-nonsense FBI agent as protection.

Free-spirited Julia figures she’ll just use her feminine wiles to keep the handsome bodyguard out of her way. Finn Callahan has no interest in baby-sitting a spoiled starlet, but he owes his brother, Blue Bayou’s mayor, a favor.

When danger closes in on Julia, Finn realizes that what he feels for her is much more than physical attraction. Now he’ll willingly lay his life on the line for the woman who has shown him how beautiful life can be when it’s filled with laughter and love.

Read an excerpt:

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